Why You Should Stop Saying That You Are Sorry

Unless you are a Canadian,  it is likely that you are not doing anyone any real favors by declaring that you are “sorry” all of the time. Recently, New York-based artist Yao Xiao has put for measures that takes this a step further as she demonstrates in her comics, where she makes the suggestion that you communicate by saying “thank you” as an alternative. The Internet is simply full of very empty promises as well as terrible art, yet this idea is really worth paying attention to.  See how it makes a difference as shown below.

Yao Xiao was originally born in China and now resides in New York. Most of her comics happen to be autobiographical. She regards herself as an “enthusiast for fashion, nostalgic cabaret, collecting strange objects, along with super absurd science fiction with a divine flair of whimsical.” The remainder of Xiao’s talented work is really quite unique from the comics below, so make sure that you check out her website!

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